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May 2022 • Applied Surface Science

Evidence of structural changes in ion-irradiated graphene independent of the incident ions mass

NM Yitzhak, O Girshevitz, A Haran, A Butenko, M Kaveh, I Shlimak

Raman spectra were measured in various adjacent groups of monolayer graphene samples: “supported” by a SiO2 substrate or suspended over pre-made pits (“free-standing” monolayer). Different groups of samples were irradiated with protons, or with helium ions (He+), with energies of 0.7 MeV and 2.8 MeV respectively, specially selected to provide the same velocity of incident ions. It is shown that in “free-standing” samples, the positions of all Raman lines are shifted towards low frequencies (“redshift”), which is the same for irradiation with protons or He+. This coincidence is considered as a manifestation of an electronic mechanism for changing the structure of graphene, which depends on the charge and velocity of the incident ion, but not on its mass. It was proposed that the redshift is due to tensile deformation that occurs in a free-standing film after accumulation of defects. Deformation of the irradiated film …

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May 2022 • Journal of Lightwave Technology

Robust Directional Couplers for State Manipulation in Silicon Photonic-Integrated Circuits

Moshe Katzman, Yonatan Piasetzky, Evyatar Rubin, Ben Barenboim, Maayan Priel, Muhammad Erew, Avi Zadok, Haim Suchowski

Photonic integrated circuits play a central role in current and future applications such as communications, sensing, ranging, and information processing. Photonic quantum computing will also likely require an integrated optics architecture for improved stability, scalability, and performance. Fault-tolerant quantum computing mandates very accurate and robust quantum gates. In this work, we demonstrate high-fidelity directional couplers for single-qubit gates in photonic integrated waveguides, utilizing a novel scheme of detuning-modulated composite segments. Specific designs for reduced sensitivity to wavelength variations and real-world geometrical fabrication errors in waveguides width and depth are presented. Enhanced wavelength tolerance is demonstrated experimentally. The concept shows great promise for scaling high fidelity gates as part of integrated quantum optics architectures.

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May 2022 • CLEO: Science and Innovations, SW4O. 4, 2022

Surface Acoustic Wave Microwave Photonic Filters in Silicon-on-Insulator with 16 and 32 Taps

Moshe Katzman, Maayan Priel, Leroy Dokhanian, Inbar Shafir, Matan Slook, Saawan Kumar Bag, Avi Zadok

Integrated, discrete time microwave filters are realized in surface acoustic wave photonic devices in standard silicon on insulator. The devices are scaled to 16 and 32 taps. A single 7 MHz-wide passband is demonstrated.

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May 2022 • ChemPlusChem

Promising Electrocatalytic Water and Methanol Oxidation Reaction Activity by Nickel Doped Hematite/Surface Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes Composite Structures

Bibhudatta Malik, Sumit Majumder, Roberto Lorenzi, Ilana Perelshtein, Michal Ejgenberg, Alberto Paleari, Gilbert Daniel Nessim

Tailoring the precise construction of non‐precious metals and carbon‐based heterogeneous catalysts for electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and methanol oxidation reaction (MOR) is crucial for energy conversion applications. Herein, this work reports the composite of Ni doped Fe2O3 (Ni−Fe2O3) with mildly oxidized multi‐walled CNT (O−CNT) as an outstanding Mott‐Schottky catalyst for OER and MOR. O−CNT acts as a co‐catalyst which effectively regulates the charge transfer in Ni−Fe2O3 and thus enhances the electrocatalytic performance. Ni−Fe2O3/O−CNT exhibits a low onset potential of 260 mV and overpotential 310 mV @ 10 mA cm−2 for oxygen evolution. Being a Mott‐Schottky catalyst, it achieves the higher flat band potential of −1.15 V with the carrier density of 0.173×1024 cm−3. Further, in presence of 1 M CH3OH, it delivers the MOR current density of 10 mA cm−2 at 1.46 V …

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May 2022 • Nature Communications

Different hotspot p53 mutants exert distinct phenotypes and predict outcome of colorectal cancer patients

Ori Hassin, Nishanth Belugali Nataraj, Michal Shreberk-Shaked, Yael Aylon, Rona Yaeger, Giulia Fontemaggi, Saptaparna Mukherjee, Martino Maddalena, Adi Avioz, Ortal Iancu, Giuseppe Mallel, Anat Gershoni, Inna Grosheva, Ester Feldmesser, Shifra Ben-Dor, Ofra Golani, Ayal Hendel, Giovanni Blandino, David Kelsen, Yosef Yarden, Moshe Oren

The TP53 gene is mutated in approximately 60% of all colorectal cancer (CRC) cases. Over 20% of all TP53-mutated CRC tumors carry missense mutations at position R175 or R273. Here we report that CRC tumors harboring R273 mutations are more prone to progress to metastatic disease, with decreased survival, than those with R175 mutations. We identify a distinct transcriptional signature orchestrated by p53R273H, implicating activation of oncogenic signaling pathways and predicting worse outcome. These features are shared also with the hotspot mutants p53R248Q and p53R248W. p53R273H selectively promotes rapid CRC cell spreading, migration, invasion and metastasis. The transcriptional output of p53R273H is associated with preferential binding to regulatory elements of R273 signature genes. Thus, different TP53 missense mutations contribute differently to cancer progression. Elucidation of the …

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May 2022 • Micro-Structured and Specialty Optical Fibres VII 12140, 62-66, 2022

Optomechanical measurements of optical fiber coating for radiation dosimetry and structural health monitoring

Shlomi Zilberman, Yosef London, Alon Bernstein, Kavita Sharma, Hilel H Diamandi, Mirit Hen, Elad Zehavi, Gil Bashan, Garry Berkovic, Amnon Zentner, Moshe Mayoni, Ehud Shafir, Avi Zadok

In this work, we demonstrate optomechanical measurements of radiation induced alterations of the acoustic velocity in a fluoroacrylate polymer coating of a silica optical fiber. The optomechanical measurement is based on forward Brillouin scattering initiated in the fiber core which stimulates acoustic waves that reach the fiber coating. The measurement may serve as an additional metric to quantify the dose of ionizing radiation to which the fiber was exposed. We have demonstrated that the stiffness of the coating increases following gamma irradiation, as measured by the time of flight of radial acoustic waves through the coating. The measurement was performed on few meters long fiber, but can be extended to a spatially distributed analysis in longer fibers. The tests showed a linear dependence of the acoustic time-of flight on the overall dosage of gamma irradiation. The time of flight decreased by as much as 15 …

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May 2022 • 241st ECS Meeting (May 29-June 2, 2022)

(Digital Presentation) Iron- Phthalocyanine Models the Active Sites Degradation in PEM Fuel

Hilah Clara Honig, Lior Elbaz

May 2022 • Beilstein Archives

Understanding the competing pathways leading to hydropyrene and isoelisabethatriene

Shani Zev, Marion Ringel, Ronja Driller, Bernhard Loll, Thomas Brück, Dan T Major

Terpene synthases are responsible for the biosynthesis of terpenes, the largest family of natural products. Hydropyrene synthase generates hydropyrene and hydropyrenol as its main products along with two byproducts, isoelisabethatriene A and B. Fascinatingly, a single active site mutation (M75L) diverts the product distribution towards isoelisabethatriene A and B. In the current work, we study the competing pathways leading to these products using quantum chemical calculations in the gas-phase. We show that there is a great thermodynamic preference for hydropyrene and hydropyrenol formation, and hence most likely in the synthesis of the isoelisabethatriene products kinetic control is at play.

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May 2022 • Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Development of Electroactive and Stable Current Collectors for Aqueous Batteries

Gil Bergman, Amey Nimkar, Arka Saha, Bar Gavriel, Meital Turgeman, Fyodor Malchik, Tianju Fan, Merav Nadav Tsubery, Malachi Noked, Daniel Sharon, Netanel Shpigel

May 2022 • CLEO: Science and Innovations, JTu3A. 33, 2022

Non-local Kerr-lensing breaks the spatial symmetry in mode-locked lasers

Idan Parshani, Leon Bello, Mallachi-Elia Meller, Avi Pe’er

We demonstrate experimentally symmetry breaking in a linear cavity mode-locking laser due to a non-local Kerr-lens, which is expressed in deviation from the soliton model. The effect is backed by numerical simulation with quantitative agreement.

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May 2022 • Cytotherapy


J Rifman, N Ben Haim, S Cohen, N Brycman, A Hailu, O Berhani-Zipori, A Edri, D Yackoubov, R Simantov, A Hendel, A Pato, Y Geffen

May 2022 • ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA 134, 536-537, 2022

Propofol Modulates the Stemness and Migration of Cancer Stem Cells Derived from Lung Tumor-Derived Brain Metastases and their Interaction with Glial Cells

Donald H Penning, Simona Cazacu, Rephael Nizar, Chaya Brodie

May 2022 • CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JTu3A. 31, 2022

Persistent Beating Phenomenon in Coupled Non-Degenerate Parametric Oscillators

Shai Ben-Ami, Igal Aharonovich, Avi Pe’er

We explore experimentally synchronization and persistent beating dynamics in coupled non-degenerate parametric oscillators. We demonstrate that synchronization is completely prevented due to mode competition, which is unique to non-degenerate oscillators.

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May 2022 • 2022 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 1-2, 2022

Forward Brillouin Laser in a Polarization Maintaining Fiber

Gil Bashan, Hilel Hagai Diamandi, Elad Zehavi, Kavita Sharma, Yosef London, Avi Zadok

A first fiber laser based on forward Brillouin scattering is proposed and demonstrated. The laser is based on inter-modal scattering in a standard panda type polarization maintaining fiber. Single-mode and multi-mode regimes are demonstrated.

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May 2022 • CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JW3B. 66, 2022

Investigation of Localized lasing modes of a One Dimensional strongly scattering gain medium

Bhupesh Kumar, Patrick Sebbah

May 2022 • 241st ECS Meeting (May 29-June 2, 2022), 2022

L05-Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysis

Enrique Herrero, Lior Elbaz, Sara Cavaliere

May 2022 • Aquaculture

On genome editing in embryos and cells of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Jonathan Molcho, Rivka Manor, Maayan Shamsian, Gurucharan Sudarshan, Rivka Ofir, Danit Parker, Simy Weil, Hanin Wattad, Emily Hayun, Tom Levy, Eliahu D Aflalo, Ayal Hendel, Amir Sagi

The clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) technology provides the means for accurate genomic editing. It has been applied in many kinds of cells and animals for functional genomic studies and for precise selective breeding. Nonetheless, this method has not yet been applied in one of the most important – and well studied – decapod crustacean aquaculture species, the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii. We thus established two CRISPR platforms for M. rosenbergii—the first through direct injection into early-stage embryos (entire organism genome editing) and the second by electroporation of a primary embryonic cell culture. The systems were calibrated by optimizing Cas9 concentrations, delivery methods and editing efficiencies. Editing patterns utilizing multiple guides were examined through next generation sequencing. Our results showed a wide range of …

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May 2022 • Cytotherapy


A Edri, A Hailu, N Ben Haim, N Brycman, O Berhani-Zipori, J Rifman, S Cohen, D Yackoubov, R Simantov, A Hendel, A Pato, Y Geffen

May 2022 • CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JTh3A. 65, 2022

Experimental Generation of Cluster-state Entanglement by Phase Modulation of the Quantum Optical Frequency Comb

Xuan Zhu, Chun-Hung Chang, Carlos González-Arciniegas, Avi Pe’er, Olivier Pfister

We report on the progress of experimental cluster-state generation in the optical frequency comb of a single, phase-modulated optical parametric oscillator.

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May 2022 • CLEO: Science and Innovations, JTh3A. 15, 2022

Direct Distributed Analysis of Nonlinear Inter-Modal Forward Scattering in Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Kavita Sharma, Elad Zehavi, H Hagai Diamandi, Gil Bashan, Yosef London, Avi Zadok

Direct, distributed analysis of forward scattering is demonstrated for the first time in any optical medium, using inter-modal nonlinear coupling in polarization maintaining fibers. Local spectra of forward Brillouin scattering and Kerr effect are resolved.

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